Decimal amount/quantity and subtotal/total function

Dearest all,

I really need to modify a grocery cs-cart e-shop so there will be the ability for my customers to order decimal quantity of products. I firstly changed to Decimal all database amount or quantity (max, min, step, list) fields in every possible table (product, cart, order etc.).

This is not enough to achieve my scope, as when I try to add a decimal quantity product to my cart the cart pop-up window with subtotal and total never loads and the page freezes trying to load.

Is there another modification I must do, probably in a js file?

I am so new to this and your suggestions and help will be so much appreciated.

(cs-cart version 2.1.2)


I also need decimal quantity.

I have a product that I sell in m2 (squaremeters) and also products that I sell in m3 (cubicmeters) and therefore I need quantities with even up to 3 diecimal points like 6,678 m3 for instance.

Is it really impossible to use decimal quantities in CS-Cart. That would be a sirious drawback! (Even old, good Zen-Cart allows decimal quantities).

Anyone find a solution to this? I really need it too.

It affects so many areas of the cart that utilize quantities that doing so is hours and hours of investigation and work.

What's really needed is a Unit of Measure capability where a product price is defined as the smallest increment which is quantity 1 and then a UOM can be some multiplier of that factorial.

However, there are significant UI changes required to display this so it doesn't confuse customers.

For instance, you sell 1/2 oz increments of some purfume. You have UOM defined for:

1 oz == qty 2

2 oz == qty 4

8 oz == qty 16

Customer views the purfume detail page and sees a UOM select box listing as:

[1/2 oz bottle]

[2oz bottle]

[8oz bottle]

All cool so far… But

If 2oz bottle were selected then quantity in the cart would show as

4 - 1/2 oz (2oz bottle) (or something similar)

As you can see it gets difficult to convey what the customer is really buying. Lots of confusion comes up as to whether they are buying 1, 2oz bottle or 4 1/2 oz bottles.

Not an easy problem that will make people happy.

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