Decent Pos/cash Register And Administration With Q-Invoice

Hi there,

We are currently exploring the possibilities and interest in a API link with Dutch based accountingsoftware

Q-invoice is a multilangual and very exensive stock, invoice and administrative software. They've also introduced their own Cash Register.

*What are the plans

Develop an addon or direct api link for two way:

*synching of all customers

*synching of all orders

*synching of all products

Adding a product in Q-invoice will synch it directly, including new Features 2.0, to CS.Cart and vice versa.

Adding a costumer in Q-invoice will synch it directly to CS.Cart and vice versa.

An invoice made in Q-Invoice will directly change stock value and if in case of a new customer will add the invoice/order to CS.Cart

The Cash register shows products and customers in Q-Invoice and it is possible to create new customers. Functions like discounts codes from CS Cart will be investigated but will probably be possible and integrated without issues.
Stock will be live updated on a Cash Register sale.

About the price:
Depending on interest, Q-Invoice will be developing this addon/api and charge a monthly fee. They have similar functions for Wordpress, Magento, Lightspeed and others and the usual fee is around € 10,- per month. Price of the fully functional cash register will be € 39,00 per month.
Price for Q-invoice is starting at €12,50 per month.

If there would be any interest, please send me a PM.