Debug Cache Queries

Hi everybody,

I installed two new instances of cs-cart 4.3.1. One of them is original, and the other use my databse of my current store (upgrade from 4.2.4 to 4.3.1)

Everything is ok. But when I show banners, there is difference.

The both is same server, same config.

Before I show banners. The original cs-cart has 44 queries, 28 cache queries.

After: It has 44 queries, 30 cache queries.

=> So, only 2 cache queries do the job show banners.

Before: my page has 44 queries, 18 cache queries.

After: my page has 46 queries, 19 cache queries.

=> my page need 2 queries and 1 cache query to show banners

I wonder why there is this difference.

Anyone please guide me how to increase “cache queries”? I made search for hours but found nothing about “cache queries”.

One thing else, why the debug sidebar in my page doesn't have “Blocks”? The debug sidebar in original cs-cart has one | 15 (9 from cache) block rendered in 0.0216s