"Dear Sirs" in order notification email

I’m testing my 2.0.6 cart in lingerie skin. I am getting at the top of my order notification emails addressed to:

“Dear Sirs”. This is a problem as most of our customers are female.

I looked in both basic and lingerie mail/orders/order_notification.tpl and they clearly say in the code:

{$lang.dear} {$order_info.firstname}

So why am I getting Dear Sirs for the orders? Sirs is not in any of our titles and we even removed the titles.


lol… just write there “Please manage Sir or Madam”


Dear Customer…

Go to


look for

dear_sirs or Dear Sirs

I get the “Dear Sirs” on the supplier email but my order notifications are to the first name.


Lol, sometimes I guess it’s easier to do a quick fix than to fix the code. I didn’t even think of that!

The “sirs” does show up on suppliers.