Dealer/Retail prices on options

If an option has a price modifier, how can we specify dealer/retail price differences?

Right now, you can’t and I have a problem with that. It would be great to be able to set a dealer price in the Qty Discount tab of a product then have the ability to put in a price modifier for each option which uses the dealer price as the base price. Unfortunately, that’s not available and doesn’t allow CS-Cart to be too flexible with regards to Dealer pricing.

If someone else knows how to do this that I’m not aware of, I hope they chime in!

If this definitely doesn’t get any different opinions on currently being available, putting this into the Ideas forum might be a great idea.

Thanks, Stephanie. This is going to be an annoyance for my client. We’ll have to create separate prods for these situations I guess.

I think the options and option combinations system needs a complete rework. I went through a ton of mods just to get option combinations to work correctly with inventory tracking turned off. Now we have this price group issue as well.

I agree it needs a ton of work. It would be nice if it worked similar to Volusion’s parent/child option setup. They actually create the option combinations as “products” with all of their own information for the most part so inventory updates and pricing works very nicely. I like CS-Cart for many of its other features but think the option stuff has really fallen down in many ways!

What type of mods did you have to do for the options to work without inventory tracking? I have some items that way but I don’t have any mods applied for it to work. Maybe we have different requirements, though?

What we needed was to use the part number modifiers with option combinations, and to also have a way to show a product “out of stock”. All without inventory tracking.

I thought an “out of stock” checkbox added to each product and option combination would have worked well. What the developers decided to do was modify the code so that if I set QTY to 0, I get the “out of stock” message. QTY 1 = in stock. So far it works great, but took some back-and-forth with the developers to get it working.

This is all on 2.0.12