db sync - db integration

Hi all, im spanish, sorry about english.

We are developing a health portal with a custom CMS for users, diets and feedback. This portal will have a e-com (cs-cart).

We want this databases work ‘standalone’ but sync at same time.

Somebody can tell us wich hooks are involvend in ‘session_start’ process?

Any addon can connect our ‘external user database’ with cs-cart’s user database? (sync)

Other ideas are welcome.

Thks all.


know what db tables are involved in registration process may be usefull.

Thks all.

Not quite sure what session has to do with what you want to do. Seems like you could either:

  1. Setup mySQL as a replicted DB and then do the merge outside of cs-cart.
  2. Use the appropriate hooks for updates to products, categories, users, etc. and have the hook connect to a different DB and then push the changes/additions.