DB Install Error

Hi everybody, I have just made a clean install of cs-cart 2.0.15 and the install went swimmingly however I just tried re installing our DB and I get the following error[QUOTE]Database error: Duplicate entry ‘216040’ for key 1 (1062)

Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_stat_requests (req_id, timestamp, url, title, https, loadtime, sess_id, request_type) VALUES (‘216040’, ‘1277145263’, ‘/index.php?dispatch=auth.login_form&return_url=%2Fheadphones%2Fsennheiser%2Fbluetooth%2Fsennheiser-mm100-free-cx200-ii-headphones-black.html’, ‘My account - Custom Cable - UK's No.1 Supplier of HiFi and AV Cables, Accessories and Spares.’, ‘Y’, ‘1’, ‘30871’, ‘3001’)


File: /home/m1chel1n/public_html/core/fn.database.php

Line: 310

Function: db_error

File: /home/m1chel1n/public_html/controllers/admin/database.php

Line: 145

Function: db_query

File: /home/m1chel1n/public_html/core/fn.control.php

Line: 529

Function: include

File: /home/m1chel1n/public_html/core/fn.control.php

Line: 392

Function: fn_run_controller

File: /home/m1chel1n/public_html/admin67543d.php

Line: 27

Function: fn_dispatch[/QUOTE]

Does anyone have any idea what could have happened.

Kind regards

What exactly are you trying to do? Need more info with detailed steps.

I think I read from others recently that were having the same trouble with duplicate entries. I think the problem you’re having is that your are trying to “INSERT” into an already created DB. What you need to be doing is “UPDATING” instead. It’s either that or completely replace the DB all together. Then again, I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do. :smiley:

well I have just installed a fresh copy of 2.0.15 onto my server then uploaded our database to the var/exim/database/bakup folder then in admin panel of cs-cart clicked that database and pressed restore. :frowning:

If you are trying to restore a 2.0.14 DB into a 2.0.15 DB you will run into all sorts of problems. If you are trying to upgrade, why don’t you use the upgrade system built in? If you are skeptical about upgrading, make a copy of your files and DB and test it.