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[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Anyone know the work-around of importing products from version to the new Ultimate version. Since the older version does not have the “vendor” field but the new version is making it mandatory and cannot finish the import because of this. Do not want to upgrade to the other version, just want to re-build in the new Ultimate Version[/font][/color]

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I exported the products into a new product file, then put in a new Vendor column and imported it into the new v3.

Unfortunately, in this case it doesn't actually mean Vendor… it means “store”. i.e. I put in the name of my vendor, and it created a new store with the name of my vendor.

Thanks whdcoinc. You referred to adding a 'vendor' column. What format did you export the products from the older version into? And how do I add a 'vendor' column in that format?. Also, when i add the column, did you say that it will use that column to create a new store?

Hope to hear from you or somebody that has the solution.

Go through Microsoft Excel.

Output csv file from your current site.

Import csv file into Excel.

Modify file as needed (i.e. add Vendor column)

Output csv from Excel

Import into new store's database (i.e. use PHPMyAdmin)

I upgraded a site from cs-cart 1.35 to 3.0 using this approach.

Wonderful Help Triplets. I did as instructed but running into this error while trying to import using PHPAdmin. What am I missing. Also, i noticed that there is no “vendor” field in the product table. The only fields simiar will be “owner_id” and “company_id” Can you help just a little further with some steps? I am not familiar with the workings of PHPAdmin and how to import, etc. I am going to try something in the meantime…add the “owner_id” to my Excel Sheet and then covert to csv and try to re-import.

Let me know how to finish this.

Thanks a bundle for ur help.

Now I am getting this error:

[color=#000000][font=sans-serif][size=3]Invalid column count in CSV input on line 1. When using PHPAdmin to import the csv file to cscart_products.[/size][/font][/color]

A few things to check:

Make sure your Excel file has the same amount of columns as the Table structure shown in PHPMyAdmin

Make sure the columns in Excel are in the same order as the Table structure shown in PHPMyAdmin

Make sure you empty the Table in PHPMyAdmin before you import the csv file

There is a whole lot more columns in the Tables in the PHPMyAdmin and they are also different. The csv file has the Meta, Page Titles, Descr, etc but not the PHPMyAdmin. Now what? I also tried using the import feature in the admin but it will skip all the fields and products and nothing gets imported.

Your excel file needs to exactly match the new table structure. Add the additional columns in the same order they exist in PHPMyAdmin

Thanks for trying Triplets. I have been battling this import thing for hours now and no luck. Even changed the columns, fields, etc to match and still returning an error. Will try again tomorrow I guess. Will post my results… fail or success

It seems as if you're trying to import via phpmyadmin, directly into the database. I wasn't doing that. I was taking the file and importing via the admin Import Products function, which takes the file, parses it, and throws the information in all the places it needs to be.

I haven't yet figured out or investigated a direct import into the database. Too many cross tables and such. I don't have the time.

Hey whdcoinc, I was importing via the admin but that was not working for me. It will import the file but skip all the products in the csv file. as said earlier, I am trying to import from 2.0.13 to Ultimate. As per Triplets, I exported the csv file and open in Excel and added a “vendor” column because the new version has vendor mandatory. Triplets suggested import via PHPMyAdmin. Any othr ideas?