DB/Backup Restore Question

Hi Members,

I have a very simple but very amateur question about the restore option. I save and backup everything once a week as we are adding many products to our site. Unfortunately we recently installed something that didn’t give us the results we were looking for and it even deleted lots of our product features that we have spent months installing one by one. We did backup the DB before this happened. Now my question is…Is it as simple as checking next to our last known “good” save and hitting restore to bring it back exactly how it was on this “good” date?

So basically once you restore that particular date it will reflect how everything was at that point and nothing less and nothing more such as, the stuff we have messed up? Also, should I save things the way they are now before restoring the “good” date just in case? I know, just in case what?

Yes I know this is a silly question for most in this forum…as you shake your heads… but very helpful for us before restoring. Any help is appreciated and YES, my coder is out on vacation and trying to remedy the problem so we can get back to work. Thanks!