date and time on reviews

I am adding some reviews for some of outr tool inventory from other tool sites and some older ones I have and update on new upgraded site, I even get some from amazon but do not want the time or date to show above each review because it would just show for example if I did 20 reviews for one tool the date will be same and time will be close as well, how do we take this out of reviews so nothing is timestamped

You should be able to find what the class is for the timestamp on the reviews and set the CSS property to display: none;. That's probably going to be the most simple fix without making modifications to either an addon or the core.

You can find out how it's done HERE

My comment to Kingsleypress was about removing date on reviews and not as he had enquired about testimonials.

Alternately you could just change the timestamp in the database table: discussion_posts.

I would suggest using a converter like this one: [url=“”][/url] so you don't make any mistakes with the unix timestamp.

Thank you all