Database Upgrade Question

I upgraded from 1.35-4 to 2.06 a few weeks ago and am now at 2.08. I set up the new store in a different directory to modify it and kept my original store functional. I am planning on making the change to the new store this weekend and was wondering if anyone can give me some guidance concerning the existing database. I have orders and profiles that have been added over the past two weeks that obviously have not been applied to the new store. Are you able to export/import a database backup from 1.35-4 to 2.08 or are those orders and profiles simply not going to be a part of the new store? I can add the profiles manually, but it would be nice to transfer the orders over. Thanks in advance!

Same for me!

I’ve 1.35sp4 live…

2.06 is finished, and I saw new version : 2.08.

But I’m not 2.08 is more stable than 2.06 when you read different post…

I want to do :

1/ Upgrade 2.06 to 2.08 (futur live)

2/ make a Clean install without data of 2.08

3/ Import database 1.35 to 2.08 clean install (site localhost)

4/ Export/import contact and order to 2.08 (site install) to 2.08 (futur live) and open my new store…

I think we have to do it…

But i’m not sure 2.08 is really stable.


No you can’t import the 1.3.5 database, the structures are different.

We did the same as you with two stores and when we were ready to have 2.0.* as main shop we just ran the “Upgrade” process all over again.

Worked for us.

When I told you : 3/ Import database 1.35 to 2.08 clean install (site localhost)

it’s with : [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

and after you can export contact and order to to 2.08 clean install (site localhost) and import on your live site 2.08

I got ya…Thanks BarryH and gg96. I guess I was just looking for an easier way, but this shouldn’t take too long at all.

Try to upgrade 2.06 to 2.07 and no upgrade…

DO you know if i can restaure a 2.06 database in clean 2.08?

Upgrade system is too:evil: :evil: :evil:

Thanks guys…


I tried to restaure 2.06 on 2.08… it’s impossible… Because DB is different.

Dont you know how can I upgrade manually the DB??