Database TABLE 294

After upgrade I have a table showing TABLE_294 full of all customers data?

It can be seen in PHPmyadmin database and also in admin database>backup at the top of the list. anyone else have this, I have had a few problems with customers not being able to see there past orders and will check to see if this table contains all data form import.

this table contains about 3000 customers so would like to delete it if may be one of reasons for decrease in speed since upgrade.




Nothing similar in any of the sites I've upgraded from V2 to V3, although occasionally I've seen addons which have created tables in V2 but the addon is removed in V3 but the database table remains in V3. Are you running any addons in V2 that create database tables and store customers info in that table?

no, nothing. It seems to contain some information for ALL users, Im sure it wasnt in there pre upgrade.

Only contains the 7 fields in the screenshot

strange that it shows the log in as “user 123” in most fields when email is used as log in for this store



I ain't seen any table with that information in any V2 nor V3 build.

As for the 'login', the setting in admin just changes which variable is used for logging in, either user_login or email.

The only thing I can think of is the equivalent of 'cscart_users' in an older version of the cart or perhaps even Community edition. I've only actively used 2.2.X+ nor used Community so can only guess.

Change a users password and see if the password hash gets updated in that table…?

Password didnt change but also optimizing database stopped working.

I backed up deleted the table and now optimize works. Also I had a problem when clicking customer name in any order to take me to their profile details, this now works too.

Dont see any ill effects yet