Database import fails on first record

Hi mark

Go to your apache directory (f.e. c:\programs files\apache group\apache2) and enter the map “logs”

there is a file called error.log. look at the bottom (or the correct

time of that error)

does it say anything that might be related to this?

oh, on the other thing: sure you’re not running 2 mysql versions? it can, since version 5 installs in another directory…etc…just check…

I can’t import. I exported a catalog, changed the field values, and could not import it. This is extremely frustrating. Hours of work without success.

The issue for me seems to be with the thumbnail value.

If it’s empty, it will import all the records, yet, if it has a value








The import simply spins in place.

Any advice that would solve these issues for everyone, would be greatly appreciated.

Note: Prices or shipping values don’t import for me also.