Database Help Please

I am still using an old version of CS-Cart. Haven't seen the need to update as it has been serving my purpose for many years. However, I have done something stupid and completely broken my website. I am hoping someone may be able to help. It's going to take a bit of explaining so please bear with me.

I use the export/import function to update my products. I was adding photos to products in a category and was concatenating information in cell D1 with information in column A to produce a result in column B. I then normally would delete the information in cell D1 and import the file to upload the photos to the products. There were over 600 rows in this spreadsheet.

The information I had in cell D1 was /home/mywebsite/public_html/images/backup/.

However, this time I have forgotten to delete the information in cell D1 before importing the file and now I can't log in to my website so I think this is what has broken things. I presume this has somehow been treated as a column heading that wasn't an actual column heading in the database. Also, I think from memory CS-Cart doesn't like importing spreadsheets where the last column is blank, which it would have been in this case.

I hope that I can somehow find what has happened using cPanel and fix it. However, I have no idea where to look.

Is anybody able to help me please?

Please PM me with temporary access. We will try to help you

It seems like we have sorted out this issue in the Help Desk, was happy to help you! :)