Database Error Help Request


I am looking for someone/company who can analyze and fix database errors. I have been getting all kinds of errors over the last 3-4 months and never saw them before.

They are not always the same and occur randomly. Some coincide with the site going down for 5-10 minutes and going back up on its own. In many cases, when analyzing the database in cPanel, there are no errors, sometimes they are and I do a repair.

CS-Cart says its a temp space problem. My host says I have available temp space of about 5 times my entire database size (60meg). I don't think CS-cart has time to look into anything in detail.

Here is one example. Don't think I saw this exact error before, but have seen some related to fn.database.php. The site was down for about 10 minutes about the time this occurred. Also had one that said database crashed, but an analysis of the database had no errors…

Thanks for any help.


06/28/2014, 06.38 AM - Database (error) Error: Got error 5 from storage engine (1030)

Query: SHOW COLUMNS FROM cscart_sessions


/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (db_error): 259

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (db_query): 122

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (db_get_fields): 486

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (fn_get_table_fields): 517

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (fn_check_table_fields): 316

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (db_process): 222

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/class.session.php (db_query): 100

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/class.session.php (save): 74


Is there anyone that can help me with these errors? What is causing them? I checked database in CPanel and no errors reported in the database, but I get these type of errors in the CS-Cart admin logs. Below is one I received last night.



07/07/2014, 08.40 PM - Database (error) Error: Got error 5 from storage engine (1030)

Query: SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS products.*, descr1.product as product, MIN(prices.price) as price, as company_name, GROUP_CONCAT(IF(products_categories.link_type = 'M', CONCAT(products_categories.category_id, 'M'), products_categories.category_id)) as category_ids, products_categories.position, as seo_name FROM cscart_products as products LEFT JOIN cscart_product_descriptions as descr1 ON descr1.product_id = products.product_id AND descr1.lang_code = 'EN' LEFT JOIN cscart_product_prices as prices ON prices.product_id = products.product_id AND prices.lower_limit = 1 LEFT JOIN cscart_companies AS companies ON companies.company_id = products.company_id INNER JOIN cscart_products_categories as products_categories ON products_categories.product_id = products.product_id INNER JOIN cscart_categories ON cscart_categories.category_id = products_categories.category_id AND (cscart_categories.usergroup_ids = '' OR FIND_IN_SET(0, cscart_categories.usergroup_ids) OR FIND_IN_SET(1, cscart_categories.usergroup_ids)) AND cscart_categories.status IN ('A', 'H') LEFT JOIN cscart_seo_names ON cscart_seo_names.object_id = products.product_id AND cscart_seo_names.type = 'p' AND cscart_seo_names.dispatch = '' AND cscart_seo_names.lang_code = 'EN' WHERE 1 AND cscart_categories.category_id IN (172) AND (companies.status = 'A' OR products.company_id = 0) AND (products.usergroup_ids = '' OR FIND_IN_SET(0, products.usergroup_ids) OR FIND_IN_SET(1, products.usergroup_ids)) AND products.status IN ('A') AND prices.usergroup_id IN (0, 0, 1) GROUP BY products.product_id ORDER BY products.timestamp desc LIMIT 0, 3


/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (db_error): 259

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.database.php (db_query): 29

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.catalog.php (db_get_array): 3732

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.cms.php (fn_get_products): 754

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/templater_plugins/function.block.php (fn_get_block_items): 269

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/templater_plugins/function.block.php (smarty_function_block_output): 65

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/templater_plugins/function.block.php (smarty_function_group_output): 33

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/var/compiled/customer/%%72^72D^72DAF6E8%%main.tpl.php (smarty_function_block): 128

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/class.templater.php (include): 105

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/var/compiled/customer/%%45^45E^45E480CD%%index.tpl.php (_smarty_include): 422

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/lib/templater/Smarty.class.php (include): 1258

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/lib/templater/Smarty.class.php (fetch): 1108

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/class.templater.php (display): 141

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/core/fn.control.php (display): 518

/home/XXXXXX/public_html/index.php (fn_dispatch): 28