Database error: 2006 : MySQL server has gone away

This is an odd one.

I’m getting this error on Warhammer Store.

Database error: 2006 : MySQL server has gone away
Invalid query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM cscart_access_restriction_emailcc WHERE type='d' AND '' LIKE REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(value, '_', '\_'), '?', '_'), '*', '%')

However I only seem to get it from my work computer. On my mobile it is fine and my host report they can see the site fine.

I can see the error mentions my IP but why is the error occuring?

I have looked in the db and the table in the error is empty.

Any ideas?


This issue seems to have resolved itself.

Very, very strange…


…and it’s back.

has anyone else ever had this issue?

It’s been cropping up once every couple of days and is stopping me running my store.


There are quite a few reasons for this to happen (see link below).

Me thinks you are having a problem with your server…I would contact your host.

[URL=“MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: B.3.2.7 MySQL server has gone away”][/URL]

I would suggest that you turn access restrictions off.

Hey thanks guys.

Next time the site lets me in I’ll turn off access restrictions.