Database: Column "referer" in table "cscart_users". What is it good for?

Hello community,

When I view the database column “referer” in the table “cscart_users”, I see only empty entries.

I ask, because I’ve never seen any referer-system in cs-cart… what is supposed to be there, an id-number or a name or an username?

How to get this column filled? Is there a general referer system in cs-cart I just can not see or I just have to install and set up?

Best regards.

Referrers are handled in the sessions table. I’m guessing it was left in the users table for compatibility with some long forgotten addon or partnership that once existed.

An addon exists that displays all referrer info related to an order. Details can be seen at:


Documentation can be downloaded from the Attachments tab.

So actually in cs-cart 2.1 by default this column isn’t used by the system?

I see you got some useful mods in your shop tbirnseth, gonna buy some of them I think after my project is ready…

I just advice you to to set a fixed width for your actual template in ez.css (#container width: 1000px), I got a big screen and there’s a lot white space in your shop, with a fixed width it looks better with more overview I think.

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