Database Backup

We have been using the backup facility in the admin area, but each time the file is getting bigger and bigger.

Last one was over 200,000,000 bytes!

It always seems to be the “cscart_stat_requests” that take ages to backup.

What is the “stat_requests” and is necessary to back this up, can it be reduced?


You probably have your statistics enabled. Just go to Administration => Statistics => Remove Statistics

That will clear all of those tables. Of course that also means that your statistics will be gone and you will be starting over. Personally though, I actually have my statistics disabled. I'm not sure if it is true or not anymore, but it used to slow the cart down. Just my personal preference.

Hope tat helps,


Optimize the database as well to get rid of useless data.

Thanks Guys.

Just wanted to double check it wasn't essential data been backed-up.

If disabled, does it speed up the shop front end, also we have google analytics installed so there's no point having statistic enabled.

Stats are usefull for us for seeing daily if the vistors are increasing, we dont use it all the time. We let it run for a couple of weeks then clear it down and disable it for a while.

We always optimize the database after clearing it down too.