Database Backup Very Slow

I just had to rebuild 4.3.3 and while most aspects are going nicely

Administration > Database takes over 60 seconds to load

and creating a backup fails ( without error message ) and backup is not created.

The first part of the backup is fast but then 'compressing' takes forever, then

no result.

I went looking in Administration > Files but there are no files.

At the left are two links. Private Files & Public Files

Both completely empty.

Templates area is also empty.

Sure glad that everything else is OK.

Check logs if there is no database errors. If any broken tables can fix with phpmyadmin. What is size of DB? Most time sessions and stored_session tables are very large..

As far as I remember, there was an ability to select between zip and tgz format for the backup. Try to select another one

db size is only 1.7 meg tgz file

Just went to admin > db and the db that didn't generate before

is now

The file I used to restore from when I re-installed the store

was most likely messed up because the store I was replacing was messed up.

Try clearing stats and cleaning logs, both can increase the size and time of the backup.

Nice idea but didn't help. Thanks for the thought though.

Installed 4.3.10 in separate folder.

Went well until I uploaded a 4.3.3 db backup and restored it.

No error messages during db restore but no data populated the new db

and I got locked out of store and

Another valiant effort ending up in the cpanel trash.

Maybe I should do 4.3.3 in a new folder and do the upgrade thing.

If I ever find another cart which handles promos and reward points as

well as CS-Cart does then you won't see me for dust.

Great guys in the forum though.

Why not install 439 + import tool and import data from 433. What are your server specs?

Tried that ( 4.3.9 using store import ).

Almost certainly the server.

Some aspects need changing so I have emailed the web host.

Will get reply tomorrow as my support is week days ( or $150 an hour

on weekends ).

Current is what I see via Admin > Logs > php information.
memory_limit - 256Mb;
My current 256M ( Local value ) 128M ( Master value )
post_max_size - 32Mb;
My current 8M ( Local value ) 8M ( Master value )
default_socket_timeout - 300sec;
My current 60 ( Local value ) 60 ( Master value )
max_execution_time - 600sec.
My current 3600 ( Local value ) 30 ( Master value )

mine in





but I do not think thats the problem. Maybe your server resources (cpu, memory) are not enough?

my VPS cpu 9.6 Ghz, memory 8192 MB + 4096 MB SWAP