Database Backup Emergency

I am thankful for CS-Cart’s ability to backup databases. We recently had a server crash and everything wiped out. We have everything backed up.

Here’s the problem:

When the server crashed, we were using cs-cart 1.3.2

I downloaded a clean copy of cs-cart 1.3.3 since the upgrade features are awesome. Now I need to restore the backup files, however, when I do it doesnt comply with the new tables and new database for 1.3.3 all the new stuff isnt inserted and is also deleted. What do i do? I no longer have the cs-cart 1.3.2 and I dont want it either since there is an update. someone please help!


I thought that I could install my backup file which works fine, then grab the database file in the “upgrade” package and import that as It should just be upgrading the database. That isnt working as i get SQL errors that tables already exist. I tried addin IF NOT EXIST, but then I just get additional errors on other statements such as DUPLICATE FIELD. I need a database file or something that will just add the new stuff and alter existing without screwing everything up… why wont the upgrade database file do this?

Here is just one of the errors I get when viewing products on the website…

Database error: 1054 : Unknown column ‘a.inventory’ in ‘field list’

Invalid query: SELECT a.option_id, a.option_type, a.position, a.inventory, b.option_name, b.option_text FROM cscart_product_options as a LEFT JOIN cscart_product_options_descriptions as b ON a.option_id=b.option_id AND b.lang_code=‘EN’ WHERE a.product_id=‘2023’ AND avail=‘Y’ ORDER BY a.position

Why don’t you just install 1.3.2, restore from backup, then use the Upgrade kit from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3.