Database Acceleration Or Index

Hi, How to speed up the database in the image.

is small in size but is more in line, so is it possible to split it?

is there anyone who can support this issue?

cscart_product_features_values 1,094,706
cscart_seo_names 438,418
cscart_products_categories 276,461
cscart_product_prices 187,963
cscart_discussion 187,309
cscart_common_descriptions 186,562
cscart_product_descriptions 186,076
cscart_products 186,076
cscart_images 185,851
cscart_images_links 185,851
cscart_product_popularity 185,810
cscart_product_feature_variant_descriptions 64,802
cscart_product_feature_variants 64,802
cscart_also_bought_products 41,958

First thing optimize all tables to clear the overhead data. You may free hundreds of megabytes.

Second of all, indices are already present and I haven't seen a way to optimize them for a long time. The best option would probably be to cache them in a NoSQL database or something seeing that it are pretty heavy queryies (each query seems to be about 1 ms, so with 40 images it will make quite the difference).

cscart database will put 500.000 items though a little more plain :) it limits me to be that way