Data Structure - Registry Runtime.company_Data Vs

In 4.3.4 (non multivendor), I'm noticing that there is both a "" object and a "runtime.company_data" object. One is obviously pulled from settings, but the latter runtime is pulled from various places in addition to settings. The thing im noticing is that runtime addresses, lang_code, countries_list, and others are wrong for store 1 (they use demo data) and are blank for stores 2 or higher.

Why are these fields not put into cscart_companies table (output as runtime.company_data)? Is this a bug in 4.3.4 or does this have to do with multivendor? Would it be safe to use a shim to mirror into runtime.company_data.XXX (and vice versa) so the registry is, at least, consistent? Which is the preferred "future proof" method for getting company data? As it stands now, we gotta bounce back and forth between runtime and settings when it seems like all of that could be in runtime alone (or vice versa).

Im making an addon to sanitize+include missing data in registry, and this area of the object seems odd/inconsistent to me. Thanks for clarifying.