Data Feed Export Time

I just ran a data feed export (for Google) of roughly 48000 product listings and it took about 8 hours! Anyone else experiencing lengthy export times like this?

Not sure what all fields you're exporting but it sounds too long to me. How long does it take when using the regular Product export?

What version? There have been issues in pre 4.3.8 versions....

Also, if you have DEVELOPMENT turned on, then that will chew up a lot of memory and CPU as it tries to track all the SQL requests.

I'm running 4.3.5 .. Where can I check if I'm in development mode or not?

These are the only fields I exported although I can probably remove a few of them since I edit the file in Excel afterwords. The file ended up being about 191mb in size.












product_type availability

you can check your config.local.php and see if you have a line similar to:

define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Other than that, I have no insights and trying to debug/diagnose anything related to the 'exim' subsystem is a royal pain. Suggest you contact helpdesk. They deal with this stuff daily and can at least tell you if it's a known problem and give you the fix. Have you searched the bugtracker?

Development was set to TRUE.. so I set it to false and started an export.. It's still a major memory hog, but it did 1000 products in about 1 minute. So this should only take about an hour as opposed to 8..

I had to set my memory to 1024MB to allow it to export my feed.. anything less than that and it would throw an error and freeze.

A GB of memory is not unreasonable. Unfortunately the hold the whole export in memory while it's being created so the bigger the store, the more memory. Glad you got it addressed.. That's about 16 products/second which seems about right from my experiences. And make sure you have the debugger turned off too.