Data Feed Export Assistance

How come Google (and other shopping engines) will not accept the exported .txt file format for my products? However, when I open that file in Excel, and then save it, Google accepts it just fine.

Does Excel do something to the file that makes it acceptable by Google?

How can I configure the Data Feed addon so that the exported file is in the correct configuration? I'm trying to get my feeds automated through ftp on a daily basis, but that will be impossible if I have to physically open each exported feed in Excel, save it, and re-upload to each shopping engine.

My CSV Delimiter is currently set to “Tab” if that helps at all.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Are you adding “.txt” to the end of the file name?

Yes, the exported file name is googlemerchantcenter.txt.

My other feed settings are as follows:

/// for category delimiter

/// for features delimiter

Tab for CSV delimiter

Try using comma as the delimiter.

Actually, once I added a cronjob and altered the fetch time for Google the feed was accepted without any issues.

I did not change the feed delimiter to comma. It is still set to tab.

I will monitor it tonight and post any new successes or errors on this thread.

Thanks for your help!