Data Feed Addon Configuration

I'm looking to make such slight modifications to the Data Feed Addon, and I was wondering if someone has already made these changes and be able to help me out; otherwise I'm going to have to take this to the Help Desk.

First modification would be to not include Disabled products in the export feed. Currently my disabled products are being exported and when a customer clicks to go to that product they reach a 404 page.

Second modification would be to not use quotes around every item in the export feed. Reason being, a lot of the newer shopping engines do not allow quoted text (such as Bing).

I know there are some nice 3rd party addons available, but I'd like to continue to use the integrated one pending these modifications.

Thank you all for your help.

I'll be looking into it but not until I update to 2.2.x.

Edit: Also, Tony supposedly has an addon that does this.

Is there an addon that can do literal values, math on prices, and export to CSV?