Data base


Probably a stupid question, but, is there anyway that I can open my data base backup file in a format that is readable, rather than in note pad that is?


You can download pspad ( [url][/url] ), i use it instead of notepad.

Thanks Charlie, at least I can see the contents now.


How about exporting the products/categories tables to excel to see if there is some data corruption, if you have access to phpmyadmin you can do it there easy enough.

You can also use HeidiSQL for managing SQL databases. If you import an SQL file with it, you’ll have go to the SQL tab to see the contents.

HeidiSQL also does not work for all hosts because some use localhost whereas some use something like mysql.hostdomainname.(com/net/etc)

That host is accessible by HeidiSQL

Thanks Charlie and matt.

Just so you know I am not looking for anything corrupt I am just looking for fields etc and trying to learn how the damn thing ticks!

I used to make data bases (access) and knew my way round them, I just want to manipulate data.



What a dummy I am!!!


Hadn’t realised that everything was there if you looked, finding what you want may take time but hell.

I’m really glad I don’t mind showing mydelf up with dim questions.

Thanks again.