Data-* Attributes In Html

Can anyone provide a pointer to any documentation that lists all the data* attributes by name, any values they may have and/or the behavior of each?

There's no documentation I can find on this other than how to set a link to submit a form.



"true" or "false"

Determines whether to save the values when the value changes. Will "GET" the data to controller=checkout, mode=customer_info

From what I can see, there may be 10's or 100's of these with various meanings and definitions. A simple presence should indicate 'true" and absence indicates "false"

Sure be nice if developer documenation was available BEFORE a release or at least at the time of release! Grr...

No one? How about someone from cs-cart since Ilya isn't answering emails and the bug I submitted was changed to "Working as designed" without any response to further comments....

So, cs-cart can't provide a list of supported attributes, their valid values and description of behavior. How are we supposed to port addons to the new checkout? Guess? Or am I supposed to dig through the JS and find the attribute names and then follow the code to figure out what they do?

This is such a horrible release as it relates to changes, support and information.

I can not help you out on this one, we have our own theme, with only custom javascript and do not use any of the CS-Cart source files when it comes to this. You could try looking for the usage of the '.data' or '.getAttribute('data-....' functions, but besides that, I'd have no clue where to look either.

What we can do here is just check parameter name (e.g. data-ca-my-param) and make search by files content in the js directory. In this example search by "caMyParam" and research the code :(

Really poor business decision by cs-cart not to support developers.