Dashboard totals

Hi there!

i added a new order status called " completed-received from store" for those customer that came to my store and took the products.

the problem is thaÏ„ in the DAY-WEEK-MONTH totals, the gross totals are ok but the total paid amount contains only the orders with status “completed”.

how can i make it to contain and the status that i made " completed-received from store".

ican't find the file so that to change something in the code.


This will require a core edit, which will be overwritten unless you use hooks or an addon (PM me if you're interested in a more advanced dashboard order statistics addon). The following applies to V3…

Basically, in:


Change the line:

$paid_statuses = array ('P', 'C');


$paid_statuses = array ('P', 'C', 'YourneworderID');

Replace 'YourneworderID' with the ID shown in the 'Status' field on the Order Statuses page in your admin.

Thanks for the reply!

That's excactly what i want to do.