Dashboard Extremely Slow

Our admin dashboard/back end is really slow. I'm not sure what is slowing it down. Every time i click on any link in the backend of cs-cart it takes forever to load, save changes, etc. I makes a simple task take way to much time.

I put in a trouble ticket and i was told that there were 2 scripts that were the cause of the issue. We have 2 stores, 1 runs perfect and the other is really slow. They both have the same scripts so i don't understand how that would cause an issue on 1 store but not the other.

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks.

Who did you place the support ticket with? If they can identify the issue (beyond admin.php or equivalent) then maybe you ought to have them pursue it.

If you have two store running same version of cs-cart then you more than likely have a configuration problem or have enabled some form of tracking that is timing out between requests.

What kind of caching are you using in config.local.php?

Did you try to disable mentioned 3rd party scripts and check the speed?

The 2 scripts that are supposedly slowing things down are cloudflare and google analytics. Cloudflare added analytics to that page for some reason.

However, these 2 scripts were just added recently and my dashboard has been slow before this was added.

I put the trouble ticket in with CS-cart and that's the only solution they have come up with.

Not sure how to tell which caching i'm using.

I can't figure out where to disable/remove these scripts to see if it actually does make a difference.

Did you ever find out what was causing it? If so, please share!