Darn Dastardly Delivery

How can you possibly configure multiple shipping possibilities with the Carts completely unintuitive shipping system?

I have set UK as default localization.

I have added UK as a location.

I have added UK to all localization in each individual page, product.

I have entered wild cards such as ??? and ??? ??? to detect the appropriate delivery in calculate shipping.

I have set products to weights such as 0.2 grams and have tested successfully when ordering more, they change the shipping from letter to packet to box.

I have ensured the correct states and countries are active.

This is working brilliantly well for me as the UK set to default.

[attachment=6973:uk location settings.png]

[attachment=6969:successful UK delivery.png]

[attachment=6974:shipping methods.png]

I have set up USA in the exact same manner. However upon calculating shipping, I am getting this.

[attachment=6970:failed US Delivery.png]

I have observed that in the shipping method settings, the default (UK) settings are saving the show rates as they stay in black.

[attachment=6971:UK default rates.png]

However for the USA shipping it is not keeping that in black after you leave and return to the page.

[attachment=6972:US default rates.png]

I need to be able to differentiate between what I am posting internationally and domestically.

I need to incrementally add delivery if there is a different supplier sending a package in the same order a customer orders something from me and my shipping.


  1. I am wondering why the USA shipping is not calculating?

  2. I'd like to know if I am approaching the shipping in the wrong or over complicated way?

  3. I've heard lots of people say they do all sorts of shipping without ever setting localization and I would like to understand how to be able to handle multiple instances.

    successful UK delivery.png

    failed US Delivery.png

    UK default rates.png

    US default rates.png

    uk location settings.png

    shipping methods.png

I have found a way of manually creating shipping without having to use UPS or install a delivery shipper that suits you.

[attachment=6976:us shipping working.png]

[attachment=6977:ireland shipping working.png]

I set the localization to UK and World Wide and added USA and Ireland.

These countries have to be included in your default location for it to work.

Setting up a seperate location is not working.

However, for some reason, I now get given the international options for UK shipping.

[attachment=6978:uk shipping.png]

Any reason why that would happen?

us shipping working.png

ireland shipping working.png

uk shipping.png

what I've come to understand, is that

a) there is no need to have a default location set

b ) the fact cs cart forces a default location, it's actually making it impossible to differentiate between shipping.

Assigning Ireland to an Ireland location results in no shipping method found.

How is a £230 cart so shockingly unequipped.


Yipee! especially for UK users who can't rely on US shipping settings like Fedex, UPS and who don't have the time, skills or resources to setup Royal Mail/City Link/DPD

I have to say the workaround for manual shipping has been hideously under explained by CS cart.

Anyone from UK that requires help, PM me.

probably better not to use localization …just set up locations and then add each shipping method to those with individual rates as per the kb

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation