Cybersource Payments

We have just purchased v2.0.15 and are setting it up. All is going well for products, categories, and customers. This company uses Cybersource for credit card and check payments. I don’t see Cybersource as an option under the list of CC payment options. I have downloaded some form scripts from Cybersource’s documentation, but don’t see how I can integrate it using CS-Cart’s current form. Anyone have any direction for me?

Integrating a new Payment Solution … lots of fun. There is some documentation in the knowledge base: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You’ll have to copy and edit an existing paymet gateway template in the directory:


You’ll also have to place the processing file in the payments directory (i.e. the processor_script). The processing file must be edited to return certain values in a certain format (status=P,F,D,etc;reason=‘invalid card number’). For this, you’ll have to use one of the existing processer files to turn the gateway’s return values into values the CS-Cart understands.

I’ve made 2 and they’re loads of fun!

If you have signed up to ‘cybersource’ you’ll note that ‘’ is owned by Cybersource, might be worthwhile to use that payment processor.

You know it.

Thanks for the quick replies, folks! I can see from the knowledge file that quite a little discovery is involved. I’ll check with my manager about the before I go any further. Otherwise, if I have to develop a cybersource solution, I’ll amend this post, and maybe someone else out there can use it!