CVS Import Hanging?

Hi, I started a product upload 7 hours ago with a 4MB .csv sheet, and it’s still saying that its processing.

It’s a smaller feed, with very basic credentials, so I am a little puzzled. Why is this happeneing? I don’t see any new categories or products listed in the backend.

I’m using the newest version of cs-cart.

Hello, I use version 4.02 and I am having a similar problem.

I tried to upload a csv of products and suddenly the site is blank! Nothing shown!

The files were checked via ftp and are untouched. Has anyone seen this before? Also in my admin panel I get a popup saying: “Smarty Debug Console” etc

Al this after uploading a csv (successfully, I see al products at admin area).

Any help?

I am using version 4.01 and this started happening recently.

I don't understand why as this started happening out of nowhere. I never had any issues with similar size csv files before but one day it just started hanging about 3/4 of the way.

Seems to be a common problem. Can we have an answer from the cs-cart personnel?