Customizing the Configurator?

Is there any way to have your own options in a product group instead of just products. For example I have a computer system that allows you to add a monitor and that chooses monitors from the inventory.

I would like to be able to make an option like:

-Upgrade to 2GB of RAM

-Upgrade to 4GB of RAM

and never have to use an actual product.

is this possable? Thanks.

with Product Options this is possible…


Product options do not work well when combined with the configurator.

The issue I saw was that after adding to the cart, if someone wants to edit the configuration part, any dropdowns revert back to the default value and any text is lost and has to be re-entered.

I have products with many text fields. If not for this know bug, I would be using the configurator.

CS-CART is working on this problem, but did not get an estimated time for the fix.

Ok well what I did was create a catigoty that was called ‘OTHER OPTIONS’ then I made it unavalable. Then I created a product called ‘UPGRADE RAM TO 2GB’ and ‘UPGRADE RAM TO 8GB’ and added it to the configurator that way. This seems to work, in case others need this solution.

Thanks for your help.

Thank You that helps me

I’m running an on line flowershop and sell flowers but also sell champagne. We have around 20 bouquets of flowers as products and also have a couple of different types of champagne. We cannot ,by law, sell the champagne on its own, it has to be bought with a non alcoholic product.

Is there a way i can set cs-cart up to NOT allow customers to buy only champagne. They can add champagne to their cart but it will not allow checkout unless another product is added to it?