customizing Testimonials header

I don’t know if this is new or if I just didn’t notice it before - but when clicking on the “more” link in the lower right to view the testimonials page, it shows that white text, “Testimonials” on ALL of the sideboxes!

I am having so many issues with my cs-cart today - seems like something must’ve happened cuz everything’s going wrong!

Any suggestions on this fix?



Try adding this back to your main.tpl and see what happens.


That didn’t fix it - it just put it back on the home page under the discussion header, so I took it back out.

Have you added any java scripts recently

Yep, a tracking script to the very bottom of the bottom.tpl page, & I just removed it to see if that was causing it & still having the same problem.

When you click the more in Testimonials, it then shows on the main column, the testimonials box on the bottom left should disappear, I also notice that I cannot right click on your site, is this recent.

I’m not too concerned about the testimonials box still being in the main column when clicking on “more” - but a fix would be nice if anyone has it. The right click is not recent, no. It’s a half-hearted attempt to protect my images, even tho I know you can’t prevent it from the more determined & knowledgeable.

Right now tho my big issues are the text “testimonial” appearing in every box on the Testimonials page &, more importantly, I can’t get to my pages from the homepage! This is kinda freakin me out cuz I can be losing potential orders. Some pages show but the product category pages & some other topics in the info box can’t be accessed. Keeps returning a 404 error.

What is CrazyEgg, is this recent, something you have added or modified recently is causing you this problem.

I fogot about CrazyEgg! Where’d you see that? It’s not recent, no, but I’ll remove it to see if it fixes it. Crazy Egg is pretty cool. It shows your visitors click habits on the pages, via heatmaps, confetti, etc.

Clicking an image it shows up in bottom of browser.

I can’t find the code anywhere… maybe there isn’t any.