Customizing javascript for ResellerRatings popup

We're hoping to get more customers to rate us at They have an exit popup that shows up on the order landing page. One of the things they recommend is having the fields for invoice number and e-mail pre-populated. Here is what they provide:

[color=“#696969”]Want the BEST way to acquire reviews? Implement your exit survey in the follow way for maximum review conversion. Save your customers tons of time, and yourself lots of hassle, by pre-populating their order data with the exit survey to ensure accurate results.

By adding the inv=“[INVOICE NUMBER]” parameter to the code you make your customers lives easier. The example below uses the sample invoice number “B5000”, please be sure to insert the real invoice number instead and make sure to put quotes around the alphanumeric invoice number. There is also an email_pass=“[EMAIL]” parameter, where you can pre-fill the customer's email address (again, please remove the email_pass var from the code below if you don't intend to use it):


I've tried adding variables from the e-mail invoice template but it just displays the code not the value.
[color="#696969"]inv = "{$order_info.order_id}";
email_pass = "{$}";[/color]

Any ideas as to what the correct code would be? Thanks.