Customizing dropdown menu

I have two issues with my drop down menu?

  1. When I scroll my mouse over my mouse, the menu expands and the items under the parent item display. Except when I move my mouse to grab another item, the menu just disappears. I have to actually wait with my mouse on a top level item for about 5 seconds, before I can move my mouse and grab another item below.

    Is this a simple settings change or is it due to something loading in the background?

  2. Right now, I have too many submenu items and it’s stretching out the page. For instance, one category has 5 subcategories. Is there anyway I can set this so that it defaults to 3 columns per row, pushing the 4th and 5th items to row #2?

Are you using a custom template?

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Are you using a custom template?


Yes. I am.