Customizing CS_Cart Logo


First let me say I am absolutely pleased with my purchase of CS Cart. I am pretty familiar with php and mysql so install was a breeze.

I am now of course going through the whole customizing of the site.

I have a question.

I have edited the top.tpl to reflect my logo and renamed cscart_logo to abj_logo and it works just fine however when I look at my site now the image is there but it is white and the backgroud is grey.

How do I make it so that the entire backgroud is white as well?

Here is the example.


I would like it all to be one color.

Thanks in advance :>


Well … I feel stupid. Almost as soon as I hit “Submit” it came to me. I simply edited the top_bg and whallah!

Sorry for the waste of space.

I would change that font on the top, it’s distracting

get a free font at if you don’t have any

Unfortunatly I have 10,000 + Fonts and have too many options to choose from. Can you recommend a good font that I can consistantly use thru-out the site?

Thanks! :smiley:

the one you had before was blurry

the new font you have is good

it matches the skin ect… :wink:

I actually had around 10K fonts myself just started deleting them all last week, im currently at 4K I want to have around 4 hundred in the end w all the good ones

[quote name=‘Beethoven’]Hello.

I have edited the top.tpl to reflect my logo and renamed cscart_logo to abj_logo and it works just fine…


Where did you find in top.tpl cscart_logo

I cannot find anywhere there. I wanted to rename to my own, but…cannot see it CSC one. Please point me which line.

Thank You


A little confusing this one. You would expect it to be in top.tpl or similar, but you will find it in \skins\\manifest. You can also change the size here too


Demon Templates

THANK YOU. It was very clear for me non-English native speaker;) I have changed. :smiley:

One more question. How can I change text in Invoice and in “Thank You” letter to customer for shopping or registration with our shop.

What text do you have in your shops? It would be great if a native English speaker give me some idea. I will really very appreciate such help.:slight_smile:


I could manage logo on shopping cart but in some point it I cannot see on invoice. I changed both but…it doesn`t shows up. Is this something to do with picture like jpeg, gif ?

Please help

Thank You


In Admin->Site layout, select the Logos link. You can specifiy what file you want used for the invoice in the secind section.


Thank You Bob,

It`s easy :smiley: