Customizing Cart Icon Basket Drop Down Problem *** Urgent ***


I'm trying to customize the cart dropdown box to make the shopping cart basket dropdown field wider, I added a new shopping cart icon to replace the cart_icon.png but now i need the dropdown field to have a wider title field to fit the new basket icon. I tried to find the dropdown style but can't find it. Please let me know where I can find the way to customize the dropdown style of the homepage shopping cart to make the title field wider?

Here is a screenshot of what issue i'm facing. As you can see the shopping cart icon is out of the dropbox field. I would like to make the dropbox title wider to fit the shopping cart icon. Please let me know ASAP?



Lolz. Not at a computer so can't look at the code. But is it a simple align:right problem?

That will not fix it. The actual size of the drop-down field is to small. I need to make the drop-down title field wider to fit both the shopping cart basket icon and the title.


the default icon uses tag “i” - it is a glyph. Its size is controlled by “font-size” css property;

from the screen shots it is not clear where you used a glyph, image or background image for replacement:

  1. if you used glyph with tag “i”, please change “font-size”
  2. if you used image (tag “img”), its size can be changed by “width” and “height” attributes of the tag;
  3. if you used background-image, its size can't be controlled with CSS - can be shrinked/extended in Photoshop for futher replacement of image.

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    WSA team

Where would I find the file to edit the width and height of the attributes?

It's called the cart_status dropdown box.

I edited the cart_icon.png file in the media/images/icons folder but not sure how to make the inside of the shopping cart tab wider?


if you used img tag, please use add size attributes:

note: attribute src is already used to specify image path so add “width” and “height” and specify necessary sizes

By changing it this way would it conflict with future cs-cart upgrades. Would it be better to create a new_changes folder somewhere in the css folder?

If so, please let me know the instructions on how to proceed in modifying code safely.

I have the latest CS-Cart version 4.3.1.