Customize Product Url Within Cart?


I'm working on a site that's about 80% content and 20% product. The content is best served by WordPress, the ecommerce by CS-Cart, but I'm hoping to have a transparent system for my users to interact with (ie, no awareness that two different systems are in play).

What I'd like to do is have my full catalogue pages (which are largely content) within WP, but use an add to cart button that sends them into CS-Cart. For seo and search reasons I'd prefer not to have two full catalogue pages for each item (one WP & one CS Cart).

Is there a way to customize the product URL as it appears in the gridviews and within the cart so that it goes to a different (non cart) directory? The SEO name would be the same–just the path would start differently (domain/wpcataloguedirectory/seoname rather than domain/cartdirectory/seoname) . I'd skin the cart so it looked like the site–the mod would simply make it possible to have one set of catalogue pages (versus an abbreviated CS cart page that links them to the full page).

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Best, Meagan

Dear Meaganh,

We have worked with the website where blog was on WordPress. To say the truth it is quite a challenge to combine these two systems.

Maybe you should choose a Cs-Cart blog add-on for your website. It will be cheaper in development and takes less time to finish the project.

Also new Cs-Cart 4.3.1. version will have a blog add-on.

Best regards, Alt-team.