Customize A Promotion For Certain Product

Hello again,

I have a general promotion in which all orders above 100 euros have free shipping. But we also sell some huge (size wise) products and these must definitely be excluded from this promotion. How can I do that? I could not figure out how to do this. Any ideas?

Try to use Products - not in condition

Thank you very much. This worked fine for me. But I have this problem now. Normal shipping cost is 3 euros, but these products have 25 euros shipping cost. What i did is, in product, tab - shipping properties I added shipping freight 25 euros. It added up correctly to shipping method "courier" but it also added to the "pick up from store" method. How can I exclude this extra cost from this particular method of shipping ? (pick up from store). Any ideas?

Try to use Products - not in condition

I think, you can create new promotion which will always make the 'pick up from store' shipping method 'free shipping'