Customization Mode Broken!

After I Upgrade from 2.0.1 to 2.0RC customization mode is broken.

First, the banner that says “CUSTOMIZATION MODE” is always there. If I turn customization mode off, it is still there. The design mode CSS is always included even though there is an if statement in the view file to only include the design mode CSS if the site is in customization mode.

Second, when I am in customization mode, the icons are displayed for me to hover over and click the file that I want to edit. The window pops up for me to start editing a file, but it is blank! There is nothing there.

If I click on a different file from the list on the left, then “undefined” is displayed.

Nothing good has come from this upgrade. :frowning:

Can someone please help me with this? Thanks!

I was able to fix the banner on/off issue with:


{if $settings.customization_mode == ‘Y’ || $settings.translation_mode == ‘Y’}


Obviously, all of the other if statements needed to be updated as well.

I am still having the error with the popup window not displaying any of the template source or displaying 'undefined'.

Any suggestions?

Can someone confirm or deny this error or is it just my install/upgrade?

Please enter the customization mode and try to edit a template from your store’s front page.

Thank you!