Customers Who Register At Entry Not Registered In Profile?

I have a promotion on my facebook page for people who come from the facebook page and register on my site and place an order. Their first order of $25.00 or more gets a $5.00 discount. The problem is that registering at their visit does not record them as a “Registered Customer” This apparently doesn't happen unless they request to be a registered customer. So when they enter the code that I provide on my face book page they get a message that no such promotion exists.

Is there some setting that I am missing that would allow a customer to be a “Registered Customer” when they"register" upon visit to the site? Or is there some other way to set up the promotion so that this person will get the discount I promised when they place their first order? The promotion is only for people who get the code from the facebook page.



Following up on the above- I have Registered Customers listed as a “user group” can this be causing the problem.?


possibly, try and set conditions

if user group = “all”

The problem with “all” is that any group has to apply for permission and that means waiting for a reply from me. When a customer makes a decision to buy I don't want to require them to come back a second time to do it. They may not come back. I really don't understand why a customer that signs in has to apply for admission to be a registered customer. the home page says sign in/register doesn,t it?