Customers See CC Info in invoices?

Ok I found a serious issue in CS-Cart. When a customer logs in and wants to print his/her invoice, the credit card info is visable on the invoice. This info should not be seen this way, and only be seen when we print invoice on our admin side. Of course once we process order, then that info is deleted, but once customer enters orders, till the time we process (somtimes 48 hours) that info is viable?

Is there a quick fix for this, or is this a glitch in the system?



Are you using offline for a payment method or something? Can you give us a bit more info there? Also, what version of cart?



Yes using offline method. Currnetly using version 2.1.1 but I think my programmer (Joe) is updating us over the weekend for the newest version.

Add a 'post' controller for 'orders' in the customer area.

if( $mode == 'print' || $mode == 'details' || $mode == 'view' ) {
$info= $view->get_var('order_info');
if( !empty($info['card_number']) )
$info['card_number'] = substr_replace($info['card_number'], str_repeat('X', strlen($info['card_number']) - 4), 0, strlen($info['card_number']) - 4);
$view->assign('order_info', $info);

thanks for the help.

Gonna have to look into the auto charging, but because we have lots of pre-orders, and special orders I am not sure we could ever get away from the “offline CC charging”. :-(

Use a gateway like that can do an AUTH_ONLY. Hence you know you have reserved the funds for 30 days or until you charge against the authorization.

Thanks for the help. That is the problem, some pre-orders are 2 months in advance, and Auth_Only can hold only 30 days. So much easier for us to use the good old fashion system. :-)