Customers not recieving emails

Trying to pull up what version of CS-Cart I’m running. I think it’s 1.3.5. It’s been about a year since my last update. I can’t get into FTP to check the config.php and be sure.

Anyway, my customers aren’t getting emails from me. I have received several complaints from shoppers. They aren’t getting copies of their invoices or status updates. Everything has been working fine, for years now and haven’t recently changed any admin settings, so this is very confusing.

I created a bogus email address and placed an online order. My company’s email address shows a new order has been placed, but I go to the bogus email account, there is an email, in my Inbox, showing that my account was created at my site, but no email showing my invoice for the new order. Strange…

I then logged back into admin and changed the status of the order and requested to notify the customer. I checked my bogus email account once again and still, no emails from my company.

I can send emails from my company’s email to the bogus account and I get them. I know the bogus email account can receive emails in general, and it can receive emails about new accounts (on my site) but it does not get any other emails including invoices and status updates.

Any help would be much appreciated.