Customers loosing all products in shopping cart

Got a call from upset customer that each time she goes to view cart she looses everything. First thought was this is just a little old lady. After some testing a can replicate the problem everytime on my work pc.

I’ll try to give as much info from my test:

The customer says she was on win 7 with ie8

My work pc is win 7 (64 bit)

I have been able to replicate problem with ie 9 (32 or 64 bit version)

I tried with firefox 19 and had no problems.

I have test with several other pc with out problems. They range from win xp /w ie 8, win 7 (32bit) /w ie9, another win 7 (64 bit) /w ie9 .

Also on another pc that is identicle to mine with out problem

Works fine from an adroid based tablet.

The cs cart install is version 2.1.1 professional only change recently to it was adding an addon from ez-ms (Bulk status update) I have tried with this addon disable and running a clear cache. Still had problem.

The hosting service is A2hosting from Michagan, USA

Hope someone can help me out solve this problem.

Thanks goes to all the great gurus out there.

David DeWitt

A little bit more testing information:

I have created a brand new account and the same thing happens when I go to view cart.

Other items I have noted:

go to home page, click login enter info, click sign in: at this point it normaly goes back to home page and shows the users name in the welcome box on right side. It does go back but the users name is not shown and the sign in links are still showing “sign in” It like the sign in did not work. If I click the sign in again it just goes back to the home page. If I click on the view cart button The user's name apears but there products in the cart disapear.

I'm guessing some type of session key is not taking hold. But this is beyond my know how.

Also tried not logging in and see how far I got. Same thing, soon as I click on view cart or checkout the cart items dissapear. But reapear when I go back to home screen.

Things seam to change from the unsecure pages (http) to the secure pages (https)

Hope someone has a clue?


David DeWitt

cs-cart 2.1.1

As I beat my head against a wall I tried the ie developer tools and found this info. don't know if it means anything though.

From the home screen ([url=“”][/url]) I used the developer tools to “view cookie information”. The value soon is different for home page vs cart or checkout page.

Maybe this means something to someone a bit smarter than I .

Thanks for any help,

David DeWitt

Have I stumped all the gurus out there? Hope someone can give me a hand.


David DeWitt


No longer stumped. After more checking and checking. I found that the website had been set in the “Local Intranet” zone under the security tab. Removed that and It's everything is working correctly for my pc. Sent email to customer to check her pc, hope that it is that simple for her.

This also seemed to help with some minor problems I was having on the admin side. The little pulldown “more” menu at the end of listings of users, order, product , etc… was not opening correctly. had to click a couple times. But after correcting the zones in ie9, it works correctly now.

So I hope this little lesson I learned can help someone else.

David DeWitt