Customers can't stay logged in or keep products in cart (cart empties)

There is a fix mentioned in this thread but it didn’t work for me. It happened on both 2.0.12 and 2.1.3.

I am trying to get details from the customers, but it’s virtually impossible.

This is all I have to go on right now:

[QUOTE]subject: cart empties before checkout - I have tried repeatedly to purchase X, but every time I add it to my cart and proceed to checkout, my cart empties.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]subject: log in failure - I am not able to keep my log in . Every time I change a page I lose my log in. Nothing will stay in my cart either. It is impossible to use this sight at this time. Very frustrating!! (UPDATE: This one was using Safari)[/QUOTE]

[quote]I’ve gone into my account then to downloads which prompts me to sign in again, if I go to my orders I can see the order # if I click on that it prompts me to sign in again, when I do sign in it just puts me on the page that tells you about downloads then I have to sign in again??? this is really not going well for me.[/quote]


[quote]I even tried on my lap top with no results, I did get to download my things though by signing in on every page eventually I got to the right page and now have been able to down load.[/quote]

I am unable to reproduce it. I wonder, though, is the P3P privacy policy thing still an issue. It seems like a I remember years ago you had to install something on the site so IE would accept cookies or something. (My memory is fuzzy.)

Could it be related to an outdated version of IE? Are their any known issues? Many of my customers will be using outdated software at school and they can’t update because it’s locked down.

I have a report back from the customer that was using Safari. She switched to Firefox and was able to proceed without any issues.

Still waiting to hear more details from the other one.

(The last one told me she was using MSN - apparently doesn’t know what a browser is or MSN has a special browser?)

Hello Ogia,

You did not carry over any custom modifications from your old version to 2.1.3 which may be causing this, did you?

I don’t think so. :confused:

I tested it with my copy of Safari and didn’t have any issues. It’s possible she was using an older version. I have no clue.

This is usually caused by customers having to high of security settings on their browsers and/or have the saving of cookies/session data disabled, not always but this is generally 90% in the right direction - Sno

That was my first assumption. I provided instructions on lowering the level and the ‘msn lady’ said she did it without any change, however, I can’t be sure what she actually tried.

The session info is stored in the database. The session ID is stored in a cookie. The session ID is the key into the database and is also used in conjunction with the IP address to validate that the session id is really related to that user.

So… If the user’s broswer is not sending cookies for the site OR the user’s IP address has changed since they last stored their session (last page viewed) then the user’s session will be considered invalid and they will be forced to login again.

That’s how it works. But where the problem lies is a debugging process and might be difficult to find without somewhat savvy users. However, these problems never seem to affect savvy users! It’s the catch-22.


Do you know the impact of customers using the various kinds of anonymous browsing techniques. I have seen some built into browsers, software that masks IP addresses and I think keeps changing it and other methods to protect identity. Is this going to be a problem for shipping carts in general, specifically CS-Cart?


I don’t think so… What browsers/proxys change the IP? That would be dumb. You can use NAT Routing to mask real IP’s so there’s no need to change it.

I have had 2 customers this week notify me that they were having this problem.

Customer 1 filled out the contact form and said only the following: “when i go to checkout it keeps saying my cart is empty, even though it is not.”. I tried calling and emaiing her, but she does not respond. I’m guessing she ordered from someone else.

Customer 2 called after having problems. Evidently, she tried to check out via Paypal, but couldn’t remember her Paypal login details, so she went back to the site and tried to use her credit card, but she said her cart showed to be empty. She put the items back in her cart and proceeded to checkout only to find it was empty again. At that point, she called in to complete the order.

I have tried to reproduce the problem in IE, Firefox and Opera, but I can’t seem to reproduce it. I am using version 2.1.3. Please let me know if a solution is found.



[QUOTE]I have tried to reproduce the problem in IE, Firefox and Opera, but I can’t seem to reproduce it. I am using version 2.1.3. Please let me know if a solution is found.[/QUOTE]

Hello Jennifer,

This is only a longshot, however, I am beginning to wonder if customers using the “Safari” browser is currently creating at least somewhat of an issue, you might want to look into this a little further.

I had problems with safari with cre secure. There were several changes. These are in the new version 2.1.4. Don’t know if other aspects of the cart were also incompatible with Safari.

What is frustrating with the empty cart, is that you can’t reproduce the problem. Can’t tell if it’s the cart, browser or something the customer has configured. Used to be that they don’t accept cookies. Can’t fix if can’t recreate.