Customers being sent incorrect email when payment has not gone through

When someone tries to pay via PayPal and the payment is not actually made, they are getting emails saying “Order place successfully” in huge letters which is has not

But it correctly states the status of the the order is open.

I cannot find where to change this email setting

Thank you in advance


You can change the “text_order_placed_successfully” order language variable. But please note that it is used both for the Paid and Open statuses

I have had so many queries with people thinking it had failed, then got the successful email, and thought everything was ok.
I have found through this whole process Australian’s view things a little differently than the rest of the world lol. We take everything quite literally if big writing says “successful” then no need to read any further, it is a fact. And we are also really impatient, if it doesn’t happen immediately, then it is quite simply wrong.
I won’t change it, if anything comes through admin as “open” I will send them an email letting them know it hasn’t been paid.

Thank you so much for letting me know

Kind Regards

I have noticed this as well with PayPal although it doesn’t occur with every order. Another option is to disable the notification for the open status. Administration->Notifications->Customer notifications

Thank you, excellent idea, have disabled the customer notifications for the open status. That will allow me to contact them for payment.

Kind Regards