Customer Recover Password

I seem to have a problem with my customer ‘Recover Password’ emails…

When a customer has forgotten their password, they click on ‘forgot password’ and are taken to a page that says:

‘Please enter your login. The system will reset your old password and send a new one to your e-mail address.’

They then type their e-mail address in and get sent a link that takes them to their profile page. No new password is sent to the customer and no instructions are sent to inform the customer how to reset their password. In fact, it’s all a bit confusing???

Does anyone know if this is right, or whether I need to change anything? :confused:

On the contrary, the instructions to set a new password are in the update profile page.

There aren’t any instructions on how to set a new password on my profile pages…

I’ve now had to write instructions on the link email that is sent to the customer.


I have another problem with “Recover Password”. When a customer enters their email the sistem tells then that will receive an email, but email doens’t arrive. I have tried myself with 5 (five) different email addresses and really it doesn’t work, I never received the email back. Does anybody know what could be the problem?


There may be a glitch in yours, perhaps the email method chosen is to blame, but I’m not sure. I tested mine just now and it works perfectly.