Customer Profiles Changing Automatically - Post V4.9.3

We are on V4.11.5 now and migrated in a giant step from 4.9.3 to 4.11.4 SP3 in August.

Before I get on to talking about the new topic I do want to say that it was not an easy migration. Actually, almost as bad as going from V3 to V4.

Anyhow, I do want to say that CSC has been very very helpful with my many issues since upgrading and in preparation for upgrading.


I want to make anyone reading this aware of one of the changes that has come about since V4.9.3.

I do not know at which version this started happening but I know it is there in V4.11.4 SP3 and V4.11.5

Naturally, I think this should be a global fix for everyone not just myself.


The issue is or I see it as an issue

Customer Profiles for customer with a log-in are being changed automatically when an order is processed via either admin or storefront.

So...If a customer has an account with:

Bob Builder

55 Test st.

Chicopee, MA 01020


and he places an order with a different info (address, phone etc) in either billing or shipping. The difference will automatically be ported to override his profile information.

I don't know about you but if I wanted to change my profile settings I would log into my account and change it. I do not want it to change because I decided to ship something somewhere else for one order! The next time I log in to place an order it would be screwed up and what if I didn't notice!! My $1000 order goes to grandma in Kentucky EEEEK.

Beyond that it seems to me that this causes extra processing during checkout and I would expect checkout to be faster if it wasn't processing these changes. I could be wrong and it may not affect speed though but that really isn't the big issue.

I did bring this issue up to CSC support today.

They confirmed this was default functionality. They did say this feature was part of multiple profiles functionality but I have disabled that feature in settings/general users section.

Anyhow, I still have an open ticket for this and will post a fix if provided one but I am thinking this is one that they may not fix for me so I am looking to generate some support for this topic.



That's exactly why there needs to be a simple chain of shipping addresses that are independent of the user's profile which should be used for contact and billing only.

But I disagree that if the contact/billing info changes in the order that it SHOULD update the user's profile. However, there could be a pop-up or button confirming that the info will be changed or not. Any steps you can skip for a customer is a plus.

Thanks for the response. CSC Support has responded again. They did indicated that has been default functionality for a long time and it is not related multiple profile fields or a recent version change. I guess I never noticed it before. Regardless they don't seem to want to provide a fix for it.

Not sure how it should be handled but I do not think it should be automatically changed at minimum not without the customer confirming the changes. I know I have accounts at a great many sites and the only place my profile changes that I am aware of is on amazon but that is purely for shipping. They never change my billing address. They also remember the many shipping addresses that I have used and give me a choice to use one of my prior shipping addresses. At minimum the billing profile fields should not be automatically changed.

Amazon doesn't change your billing address because they never ask for it. You have to go into your profile to change the billing address. Note also that in Amazon, you can have multiple billing addresses that relate to each payment type you have. So if you have 5 credit cards on file, you could have 5 different billing addresses.

IMHO, cs-cart profile should be for contact only but be linked to multiple billing and shipping addresses. It would get rid of a lot of duplication and confusion. But if dealing with a non-registered user, need to collect bill/ship addresses otherwise it should be a selection with 'new' being an option of the selector.

Correct: The billing address is collected when you provide a payment method and they don't change that. Suppose if you had multiple payment methods each would have its own associated billing address.