Customer previous orders missing

Almost done with upgrading to V3 and all data is in OK etc.

1 problem is all orders are showing in back end but when I act on behalf of and view the front end no customers have any orders in their “my orders section”

I am assuming it could be a table needs copying but unsure which



Hi John

I had the same problem, I migrated from V2.2.5 to V3.0.6 using the Store Import addon.

I found that customers only appeared to have orders if their order status was already “Complete” AND they had a customer account in 2.2.5 prior to the transfer. Even if they had an account, if the order status was not already “Complete”.

In the V3 database, if I view cscart_orders table the “user_id” field is always '0' except if the order status was already Complete. If I change an order status in V3, this field gets populated with the customers ID, then I can act on behalf of and see the order in the customers account.

I ended up fixing this by exporting orders in V2 with the customer ID, then changing the column data so I could import it directly into the cscart_orders table. Now customers have their order history and I can see their order history too.


Exactly the same problem as you up until the export user id and order id. When I export the Orders from V2, loads of the user ids are 0, maybe this was the problem from the start, it must have already like this is the 2.25 and I just didnt notice, possibly a problem from when I went through the upgrades to get to 2.25 from 2.14 before import .

Do you reckon thats it then…

UPDATE… when i “view customers” in admin I see the user id at the side of the customer name of 5991 for one customer, this same customer user id is showing in the cs_cart_orders table as 3976. When i change it in the database I can the click that customers name and view the details.

All i need to do now is work out how to get those ids as they dont show in customer export as far as I can see


Obviously 'Guest' customers have no user_id assigned, so the user_id '0' makes sense from that perspective. However, I had user_id = 0 for customers who did have a registered customer account.

Hmm…now that is a strange one. I exported the relevent order and user database tables to CSV and then amalgamated these to import back into the database.

From memory I exported cscart_users and cscart_orders.

I used the customers email address ( to add the user_id (cscart_users.user_id) value to cscart_orders.user_id using as the UID.